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Responsibilities of Company

Company shall: Execute Transactions in concordance with the terms of the Agreement, including the Technical Specifications and Requirements for accepting bankcards in internet; Comply with the requirements of International Card Organizations and the Payment Card Industry data security standards, which provide secure storage of Card data; Company undertakes not to store or otherwise retain sensitive Card data. The Bank has the right to request documentation from Company, certifying the compliance of Company with the Payment Card Industry data security standards.; Accept all Cards presented for making a Transaction that comply with the type of Cards and the Requirements specified in the Agreement; present to the Cardholder and the Bank all sums in the currencies indicated in the Agreement; Authorize each Transaction; Not to carry out Transactions that are in violation of the valid legislation, generally accepted ethics standards or good morals; Company undertakes to maintain in a visible place of the Point of Sale the identification marks and product names of all Cards of International Card Organizations, which are provided in the Agreement. For informing of the acceptance of Cards, use only promotional materials previously approved by the Bank; Not to use two or more Transaction Records for the receipt of a payment performed through the use of a Card; Not to use Card data for any purpose other than the execution of a Transaction; Ensure that all payments and claims for payments which are made by Company as a result of the sale of goods and/or services to the Cardholder are included in the total cost of the Transaction. Company may not demand the Cardholder to confirm the Transaction, before the entire sum of the Transaction is known and made available to the Cardholder. Company is responsible to the Cardholder for the order of the goods and/or service and the fulfilment of warranty obligations. The Bank undertakes to accept for processing all Transaction which are processed and submitted by Company in accordance with the terms of the Agreement. The Bank has the right to provide Company with compulsory instructions governing the performance of Transactions. Company shall not be responsible for actions of it’s supplier. Company’s role will only be acting as broker agent.